The Skincare Routine Every Tween Needs, According to a Dermatologist

Jan 22, 2023

Photo: Iryna Dincer (Shutterstock) Maybe you already realize this, but puberty is wild. From the ages of about 9 to 12, tweens are trying to figure out how to function in the world even while everything about them changes. So who can blame them for zoning out to TikTok and maybe picking up some skincare tips from Northie at the same time? While North West may have access to every product under the sun, but we wanted to ask an actual dermatologist what the average tween needs t more

Hands-on review: EcoFlow River Mini Portable Power station

Jan 22, 2023

With more people having hybrid or remote working roles, we rely completely on power and internet connectivity. On my home desk, my laptop, smartphone, keyboard and mouse have batteries, but my broadband modem monitor need power. In the event of a power outage, a portable power supply can get you through. EcoFlow has a series of different portable power supplies that range in size and features. The RIVER mini is just 2.8kg and a little bigger than a large tissue box more

Mostbet – The Most Popular Online Casino In Bangladesh

Jan 22, 2023

While Mostbet has won numerous awards in recent years for its excellence in the betting industry, the same criticisms have also surfaced, leaving users unsure of whether it is authentic or a scam. If you enjoy gambling and consider Mostbet Bangladesh when you want to begin betting, continue reading as I will discuss mostbet reviews. Recently, it has become public knowledge that people have lost money on Mostbet and claimed the website was a fraud. However, is this truly the case? What purpos more

Former Kuaishou chief executive sells $483 million in shares for charity

Jan 22, 2023

On Wednesday, the co-founder of short video platform Kuaishou, Su Hua, sold an approximately 1.3% stake in the company worth HK$3.78 billion ($483 million) in an off-market block trade, according to a regulatory filing. Part of the sale proceeds will go to charity via an irrevocable foundation, a move similar to other founders of Chinese tech companies acting under the “common prosperity” principle introduced by President Xi in mid-2021. The rest of the proceeds will be used to fund cu more

Blockchain Technology: Overhyped or Underused? Here's What You Should Know.

Jan 21, 2023

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. With the recent collapse of FTX, investors now worry about the future of cryptocurrency. While some blame the technology, we should remember that people are corruptible, not blockchain. The ledger-based technology making cryptocurrency possible is as much a breakthrough today as it was yesterday. Unfortunately, crashes like FTX play into fears that blockchain is more hype than breakthrough. Will blockchain once and for all prove n more

Freedom of Thought Is a Human Right

Jan 21, 2023

In his 2019 Stanford address, Tim Cook warned about the threat to our “freedom to be human” from technology that looks to get inside our heads and rearrange the furniture. His “freedom to be human” is, essentially, our fundamental right to freedom of thought—an absolute right that has been mostly overlooked until now. The importance of Tim Cook’s speech was the recognition that Silicon Valley itself could never have come into existence in the current climate. Technology that unde more

7 Advantages Of Lifting Your Jeep

Jan 21, 2023

There are many reasons to buy a Jeep lift kit. Maybe you’re a proud new member of the Jeep owners club, and you’ve noticed that other Jeeps often sport a lifted suspension. Similarly, you might be exploring DIY modifications and feel inspired to try your own. No matter what your motive is, though, you’re sure to enjoy the many benefits that a lifted Jeep can offer, including the following seven advantages. 1. Greater Road Clearance Jeeps have many distinctive features, including the inc more

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 161 With Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Jan 21, 2023

Thursday January 12, 2023 1:42 pm PST by Juli Clover Apple today released a new update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced in March 2016. Apple designed the ‌Safari Technology Preview‌ to test features that may be introduced into future release versions of Safari. ‌Safari Technology Preview‌ release 161 includes bug fixes and performance improvements for Web Inspector, CSS, Rendering, JavaScript, Web Assembly, Media, Fullscreen API, more

Hong Kong to scrap almost all its Covid rules

Jan 21, 2023

Image source, Getty Images Image caption, The vaccine pass system is one of the measures being scrapped in Hong Kong from 29 December By Kathryn Armstrong BBC News Hong Kong is dropping almost all its Covid restrictions this week, following a similar move by mainland China. From Thursday, people arriving in the city - a special administrative region of China - will no longer have to do mandatory PCR tests. The vaccine pass system will also be scrapped - but c more

Baidu operates self-driving commercial service in Shenzhen’s Pingshan district

Jan 20, 2023

Apollo Go, a Baidu-owned autonomous ride-hailing platform, has received approval from local government permits to offer a self-driving commercial robotaxi service in the Pingshan district of China’s economic hub Shenzhen, the platform announced Thursday. The driving route covers several core areas of the Pingshan district, according to the announcement. Users can take a taxi via the Apollo Go app or the mini-program. Beijing-based tech giant Baidu already offers fully driverless ride-hailin more